How do the exercises work?

Exercises that you completed succesfully from the first time are marked as 'known' and will not come back. Exercises that you failed will keep returning until you succesfully completed them three times in a row. You can do 50 exercises per day.

How does the reward system work?

For each correct answer, you have a chance of winning units, with which you can play on the map.

How does the game work?

In team with your fellow learners, you contend with learners of the two other factions. Currently there are three factions; the English learners, the French learners and the Dutch learners.

How can I move my units?

Your units can move once per day. You do this by selecting a bordering district and then selecting the units your wish to move. If there are enemy units in the district, there will be a battle first.

How do battles work?

All units will attack or defend in random order. Units who are defeated are removed from the game.

Which unit types are there?

- Infantry: this is the most common unit, they have a bonus against cavalry.
- Cavalry: this is the second most common unit, they have a bonus against artillery.
- Arillery: this unit is the least common, they have a bonus against infantry.

Where is the game taking place?

In Brussels, Belgium.